Membership Rules

  1. Introduction
    1. ActinArt member is an institution that applies for membership for ActinArt. The institution will appoint an official representative who will act on its behalf. The staff and students bound by an official contract with the institution will be allowed access to membership benefits and resources. 
    2. An institution can be a Higher Education Institution, Research Centre, Training Centre, Private Company, NGO or any other institution whose primary field of practice is connected with arts. 
    3. ActinArt will keep the members’ database alongside the main contact a maximum of two other contacts.
    4. Any member is entitled to resign its membership, by giving ActinArt office written notice. 
  2. Membership types & benefits
    1. When applying to ActinArt, there are three types of membership:
      1. Full members are Higher Education Institutions providing artistic & management programmes in the Nordic and Baltic region.
      2. Individual members are individuals like students, teachers, researchers etc. who are working and/or studying in the art field and are interested to be a member in the Nordic and Baltic region;
      3. Associate members are organizations and individuals who are interested in being a part of the ActinArt and of the development of this field and are outside of the Nordic region.
    2. Full & individual members benefits:
      1. Be informed of ActinArt decisions and events;
      2. Apply for mobility and research grants, projects support;
      3. Participate in ActinArt events;
      4. Get access to free resources and teaching materials;
      5. Get access to a secret Facebook group;
      6. Apply for mentorship for projects;
      7. Share and get feedback on research projects and academic work.
    3. Associate members benefits: 
      1. Be informed of ActinArt decisions and events;
      2. Participate in ActinArt events (with a discounted fee);
      3. Get access to free resources and teaching materials;
      4. Get access to a secret Facebook group;
      5. Apply for mentorship and monetary support for projects (limited, decided on an individual basis); 
      6. Share and get feedback on research projects and academic work.
  1. Obligations of Members
    1. Members take on the following obligations:  
      1. To help the ActinArt to keep updated the database and website, in case of a new contact, new details must be communicated to the ActinArt immediately;
      2. Member institutions shall name an individual as the Contact Person. This individual shall be their point of contact with ActinArt and normally their representative at meetings;  
      3. To provide visibility of the ActinArt and its benefits within their own institution: the Contact Person shall ensure that news and information concerning ActinArt activities are circulated through the institution;
      4. Choose upon an ACTIVE or PASSIVE membership role in the network, which includes:
        1. ACTIVE role: 
          1. Contribute two articles per year to ActinArt blog (subjects are consulted with ActinArt office);
          2. Special offers to events;
          3. Actively take part in debates;
          4. Help us develop field and network.
      5. PASSIVE role is interested in being informed of this network activities, development etc, but are not obliged to contribute.
  2. Membership Fee 
    1. There is no membership fee being a member of ActinArt network.

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