Entrepreneurial thinking in the arts​

Network of artistic universities aiming to enhance classical music students’ professional development and readiness for their own career management.

Our philosophy

The core of ActinArt network is to facilitate art academies’ process in developing an entrepreneurial mindset within classical music curricula and among students and teachers.

What we do

Teach & Facilitate

Sharing and learning is the driving force behind success. We teach and facilitate events that focus on sharing experiences and merging creative and entrepreneurial practices.

Mentor & Advise

We believe that every person has to be nurtured and supported in order to grow. We offer mentorship and advice for students, teachers and Higher Education Institutions.

Enhance capacity

The world of today needs us to be agile and flexible. We enhance capacity by building skills, knowledge and give tools to help with students career and professional integration.

Who we are

ActinArt is a partnership of 17 art universities in the Nordics and Baltics.

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