Bootcamp 6.0

Copenhagen, Denmark, 5-8 September 2022

Applications deadline 4 July 2022


Bootcamp 6.0 theme:



Are you interested/working to affect change through your professional relationships?

How can we better sustain our whole selves as we address challenges both personal and global?

How might we create a community of support and care for the work we do?

In our lives, we repeat. We practice, to learn, and to master. We long to explore and reveal, to feel the joy of improvement that accompanies repetition.

In our communities, we restore. We reach out to each other to foster and nourish resilience, and experience the strength of collective revisioning and composing anew.

With time spent in nature, we regenerate. And we recognize the many natural thresholds crossed as the culture of no-future/anti-life spreads.

We understand that the quality and depth of our impact is dependent upon the quality and depth of our insight. 

And we understand the need to retreat and repair from the damage of a destructive culture. 

Where then do we turn to resource ourselves and envision a different way of being?  

Actinart bootcamp

This September, we will meet for four days in Copenhagen. Four days of immersion, reaching out, recreating, restoring, resilience, reflection, reparation, and discovering paths of regenerative culture. Four days of answering the call and listening to the echo that only collaborative co-creation can offer. 

Copenhagen, a city that has high ambitions and green aspirations, is a city in the middle of transformative development. A city that is rediscovering the forces of culture as a necessary and powerful agent in creating a liveable, life-affirming, nature-friendly future.  


Coming soon

How to apply?

To apply please send a motivation letter (max 1 page) explaining your idea / vision of how you see your (artistic) practice in the light of the emerging challenges of today’s society. Let us know how participation in the Bootcamp could be relevant to your practice. 

Send your application to your school contact, which you can find here.

The deadline to send in the application is on the 4th of July.

NB! Only people who have not participated in Bootcamops before can apply. 

Practical information

Time: 5 – 9 September 2022
Place: TBA, Copenhagen, Denmark
Level: MA (in exceptional cases BA)
ECTS: The course yields 5 ECTS with official certification issued by EAMT.

Economy: Travel, accommodation and food will be covered by the network. 

Food: All food options will be vegan/vegetarian.

For more info contact organisers:

Britt Randma
project coordinator

Anna Maria Ranczakowska
network lead & programme

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